Happily Hopping On The ALS Bandwagon

August 23, 2014

I do my best to oppose the cookie cutter lifestyle, as a result I usually am not quick to embrace mindless fads, jump on every bandwagon that I see passing by, or support causes that everyone else finds necessary to support. I was one of the people who found the overwhelming local support for Tessanne Chin on the Voice a little bit ridiculous, since she was trying so hard to find support locally since 2006. (amongst the anti-FIFA screams )I also thought that the preoccupation with The World Cup finals was also a waste of energy which could be used for something more constructive.

I was one of those who initially posted a few memes which made sarcastic jabs at the ALS ice bucket trend and the misuse of “valuable” water, I prayed that no one would challenge me (not really knowing how I would respond). Of course, I was challenged and decided not to be defiant, I accepted the challenge. Before I shot the video, I thought about it, to get really clear as to why I’m participating, and what it would accomplish, I decided I wanted to get my kids involved, let them know what it was about and why I was doing it…Yes it is viral and that is not a bad thing..(not always), while there are a lot of useless wagonist behaviors like the need to own the new iPhone 10, s15, or the new US$500 BEATS headphone, or even watching the new Beyonce/Jay z no sex tape, the internet is showing us that we can all share information and be moved to action on the global level, I have always believed that we are truly one and the more we support good causes collectively, the better our experience on this planet can be.

We all have things that are important to us, we all have a need to be heard, so sometimes we will show a little resentment for those who are moving ahead in accomplishing their goals by trying to solicit mass support (in an effort to get heard we sometimes resort to sarcasm, backhanded comments or writing why our time can be better used than engaging in the support of “x” endeavor).

I have my own concerns and causes that I would like individuals to be aware of and to be moved to action in ANY kinda way, one of them is the practices of multinational agribusiness conglomerates such as Monsanto and how they threaten the future of the planets health, I tagged this at the end of my ice bucket video.

Participating in the ice bucket video made me realize that if we could get everyone involved in or simply aware of, the causes that each and every one of us cared about, wouldn’t it be a great planet? If we all supported each other in whatever positive endeavor we embarked on, wouldn’t it be a great planet?

If we were all cognizant of how our brothers and sisters on the planet are suffering and were moved to take action in the smallest way to help, wouldn’t the results be miraculous?

Lastly, pouring ice water over my head for two seconds made my kids laugh, made me laugh and made my friends laugh. If the ultimate aim of all our daily activities is to put more smiles and laughter in each other’s lives, think what a wonderful world it would be.


Faggot aboud it!

April 27, 2009

“Nature is just enough; but men and women must comprehend and accept her suggestions.”

–Antoinette Brown Blackwell– (1825 – 1921)

There is a saying “If you ain’t got nothing good to say…… say nothing”.

Last year, I was on a roll. In six months, my writings evolved from mere rantings about our “honored” social institutions to creative insights into how we can look at the world from a more positive perspective.

Well folks, I’ve been back to square one, and for a while now, so, I decided to keep my trap shut. My friend Gussie Clarke, a world renown music producer told me to always put a solution verse in a song about problems, it makes people feel resolved… I suppose.

I don’t have any solutions, I just feel like screaming.

Man, all sorts of things have been happening. I’m still at war with the financial institutions, VMBS, being the victim of the moment (still trying to send a bank draft without selling my soul to the devil), Then, If you want to send Ja$50 via Western Union they require that you state the source of funds. Aaargh!!! On the last occasion I told them I was a pimp and that I get my money thru prostitution, before that I told them I get kickbacks from the government when I sent $1000 Jamaican to my friend’s mother in Mandeville.

Forget about what the US is doing in Afghanistan, the G20 summit, Obamas meeting with  Latin American leaders,  Jamaica back on the IMF boat. Deeeeeeeeeeep breaths. No writing, no one wants to hear a raving madman..ALL the time, right???

Then…The gas tax…stay calm!! Bruce, pleading with criminals not to riot?…..where’s the punching bag?…everything is good….don’t blow a fuse.

THEN!!!! The straw that broke the camels back!

The Miss USA competition.

I like the gay hairdresser/ clothing designer/ showtune performer as much as the next guy. I think Shebada is hella funny. When I was 14, Rex Nettleford told me I was a brilliant dancer. I don’t care for Oliver’s humor, but I think he’s a national treasure. (yeah right, he’s not gay), Chester Francis Jackson gets on my nerves but it has nothing to do with his sexual orientation, Cliff Hughes is a kickass journalist, probably the only real journalist we have in this country. Anyway, you get my point. Being gay does not really obscure anyone’s worth in my eyes

I’ve had clients who were gay, and they eventually ended up being my friends. Two of my best friends are lesbians or bisexual? Who knows? I guess its how they feel when they get up. Oh, I forgot lesbians don’t really count.

As far as I’m concerned people are people, different strokes (no pun intended) for different folks. What you do behind your bedroom door as long as its between two consenting adults, why should I care? Whatever makes you happy.


Yeah, Right…

I’m Jamaican and I know that the “official” stance on homosexuality that ALL Jamaicans take is that “ALL batty bwoy fi dead” Yup, its written in our constitution. That’s right.

I’m sure that Oliver, Rex, Shebada, Cliff, Chester, Weston, Les, etc. All stand up every morning and scream it out their collective windows before they face the morning traffic.

So I know that what I said before about having gays as friends and accepting them as valuable citizens is a no no. Keep your thoughts and gayness to yourself, idiot.

The fact though, is that the Jamaican citizenry are surprisingly very tolerant of our gay brethren (remember lesbians don’t count). “As long as dem nuh bright wid it”.

But then, the same can be said about people who give or get oral sex, atheists, people who abstain from sex, people who don’t drink, people who don’t like Bob Marley and people who listen to rave music (eek!)

We, Jamaicans openly state our disdain for the practice of the gay lifestyle but like any statement of disapproval for anything whatsoever, give it 10 minutes and we forget what we were objecting to, because there’s a party or dance to attend to and that usually takes precedence.

I challenge any international agency to investigate crimes against gays or lesbians by heterosexuals in Jamaica, particularly injurious assaults or murder and come up with any significant number, especially in comparison with our notably high murder rate and in comparison to North American or European cities.

The startling truth is that the majority of “hate” crimes against homosexuals in the society are committed by other homosexuals.

Against the backdrop of these insights into my country’s attitude against “alternative lifestyles”, I was shocked by two particular news items over the past month. The first, a direct attack by the gay “lobby” against Jamaica and Jamaicans. A call to boycott “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth” i.e. Jamaica.  The organizers of the boycott are calling on gays and lesbians, as well as allies, to stop buying Jamaican products and to vacation in other spots until the Jamaican government changes its policies.

They point out instances of arson, assaults and murder of gay people in Jamaica to illustrate our bigotry. A banner at a protest is shown in the article with the words “Gays are killed in Jamaica”, Yeah, well so are straight people, dogs, and goats, buddy.

Yeah, they’re going to boycott Jamaica because of “ flagrant and institutionalized human rights violations and bigotry” These are people living in.the US. No institutionalized bigotry there.


The second news item, The Miss USA competition, where a gay judge,  Perez Hilton asks Miss California what she thinks of gay marriage, without bullshitting she says quite politely that she was raised to believe that the institution of marriage was reserved for a man and a woman, and this led her not to support gay marriage. Mr Hilton, proceeded to have a shitfit. He said she was divisive and alienated millions of Americans, he said “she gave the worst answer in beauty pageant history, he then calls her a bitch and a cunt, And of course she lost…according to him “because of her answer”.

What the hell is going on here? The banks are trying to control the way we think, the government is trying to control the way we think, the educational system is trying to control the way we think, religion is trying to control the way we think, the media is trying to control the way we think and now some dude in bad make up, tight pants and a floral shirt is trying to control the way we think?!!.

In 1980, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married on TV, it was a spectacle. I know for sure, a lot of girls for the first time got to see a fairy tale wedding, maybe if it was Boy George and Elton John getting married, Perez Hilton would have a point.

But no, they are forcing us to accept overnight ideas and imagery still very taboo in society, they want us to accept it NOW as normal and right or else!! Some gay rights activists have the audacity to compare it to being black or jewish, comparing the discrimination to perhaps the holocaust and The Jim Crow laws

When I go on a bus, I love to scream “I LOVE WOMEN!!! I LOVE TO DO ALL SORTS OF SEXUALLY LEWD THINGS TO THEM!!!! It always gets me the front seat.

I’m warning you. If you’re a man , do NOT shout,  “ I LOVE MEN!!! I LOVE TO DO ALL SORTS OF SEXUALLY LEWD THINGS TO THEM!!!! They’ll put you at the back of the bus. Just like they did blacks in the south in the 50’s.

What is the issue here? Certainly, I believe each and every human being has the right to being treated equally. I also believe that laws should change with the times to protect all people. I do know that not all homosexuals are radical and think the world should revolve around them. I know that all homosexuals don’t believe that traditional family values are a personal conspiracy against them, but is instead, a measure that secures the propagation of the human race.

The next issue is whether or not homosexuality is nature or nurture. I KNOW that some men are born quite effeminate and are drawn naturally to the same sex, I also KNOW that some individuals choose the lifestyle, others are recruited into the lifestyle as young boys by predators and child molesters creating a very vicious cycle. Who are the gay rights activists fighting for? Is it “natural” gays? Or all “gays”?

The question is then, should I be forced to change my beliefs for someone who chose a lifestyle or had it thrust (again, no pun intended) upon him or her?

Homosexual conduct is in no way comparable to other characteristics usually protected by civil rights laws.  Race, color, sex or national origin are historically protected against discrimination on the basis they are inborn, involuntary, innate and immutable.

Homosexual lobbyists are bending the truth to serve their political goals. This manipulation is what makes me angry. All I can say is think for yourself, do your own research, don’t let anyone force their opinion on you.

Kudos to Miss California, Carrie Prejean.

Love people.

Have a good week


Pride and Extreme Failure: The Sigma Saga

March 24, 2009

“Pride attaches undue importance to the superiority of one’s status in the eyes of others; And shame is fear of humiliation at one’s inferior status in the estimation of others. When one sets his heart on being highly esteemed, and achieves such rating, then he is automatically involved in fear of losing his status.”

— Lao-Tzu

In 2004, I decided to offer a special training program to clients who were fitter than average and consistent in their training, It was to be a 3 month program which would take their bodies to a higher level of fitness by pushing them past their perceived limits. I incorporated many old school calisthenic exercises i.e. body weight exercises with sprints and jump rope, along with martial arts drills to accomplish this, only in the third month did I add weights.

I changed the format slightly in 2005, to a heavy weight training boot camp. I decided after however, that the calisthenic training method was more intense so I abandoned the weight training and went back to basics in 2006.

In 2006, I was exposed to David Belle, one of the founders of the art of Parkour (movement) or freerunning. Parkour focuses on practicing efficient movements to develop one’s body and mind to be able to overcome obstacles in an emergency.


I then started incorporating some of the parkour training elements in my boot camp.

In 2007, The movie “300” was released and there was a huge buzz about the physical appearance of the actors who played King Leonidas’ soldiers.

Brian turned me on to an article about the training they underwent, to achieve their appearance.


Their trainer was Mark Twight who runs an exclusive gym in Utah called Gym Jones. Mark’s methodology is summed up by the maxim Power, Speed, Endurance, Suffering and Salvation. I was totally inspired by the spirit of the training. Tough, brute workouts. No lose weight bullshit, just get me stronger and faster, any which way you can…weight loss will follow as long as you eat properly.

In April of 2007, a friend of mine in New York who I used to train kickboxing with recommended I get certified as a crossfit instructor, it was the training method that he uses to train his fighters and he couldn’t recommend it enough. Crossfit’s goal is to create “the quintessential athlete”, equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter and sprinter.

I started putting myself to the test, could I measure up. How fit was I really? Yeah, I could do a 6 minute mile, but couldn’t do 10 pull ups or 50 proper push ups, I couldn’t squat or bench my body weight so I know I had a lot of work to do.

In about two months with the combined philosophies of parkour, crossfit and gym jones. My body looked totally different, I was stronger, fitter, leaner, more cut, I was pleased.

Like a new christian convert, I completely changed my training philosophy at NuFaz to align with these principles. I bought medicine balls, started encouraging my clients men and women alike to train heavy olympic lifts, practice the calisthenics of gymnastics, the agility exercises of parkour, the sprints and the all or nothing attitude of Mark Twight.

As you all know I’m an all or nothing kinda guy.

About 3 weeks ago, my friend Dave Wong asked me to run for his company, Catherines Peak in the Sigma 5k corporate run. Each year, a lot of my friends, clients and associates participate in the run, but to me it always seemed like a big party. It was a 3 mile run or walk, and to me I suppose it was not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination. This year, I decided to take up his invitation. I know I can run 2 miles in 12 minutes, so maybe I’ll be able to do the run in 18 to 20 minutes with a little training. I thought.

Last year, Dave’s brother Pete approached me to train him for the run. Pete is a good runner/ sprinter and is in very good physical condition so I thought he really didn’t need any additional training to do a good time, I looked at his 5k training plan but I thought my functional fitness training was enough to do the job.

He ran last year and did an excellent time. 22 minutes I think.

I was certain I could do the run in 20 minutes…at least.

Three weeks ago I did the route I ran from Emancipation park (this adds maybe ¼ mile to the actual route) and did it in 23 minutes. I also did sprints, hill runs, and treadmill training. Last Monday, I did the route in 21 minutes. Two minutes in one week…cheeeeeese.

At the start of this week I decided to clean up my diet. I found this lady who cooks quality vegetarian meals and delivers. In advance, I planned 6 days of two meals a day (lunch and dinner)for her to prepare, this allowed me to stop eating after 7pm.

I had additional obligations, my dance troupe has important shows coming up so I have to do the choreography, I’m preparing demo tracks for Versi, a singer whose talent is unmistakable to me and I’m trying to perfect handstands, halos and babymills for breakin’.

I figured however that my training and diet would be sufficient to accomplish my goal even with the extra curricular activities.

Throughout the 3 weeks, my clients and friends had no doubt in my ability to accomplish a 6:45 min mile for the 3 miles. Paula said I wouldn’t let anyone pass me, others said I would win, I had read that one past winner did it in 17 minutes so I knew that probably wouldn’t happen so I stuck to my goal 19 – 20 minutes.

Friday and Saturday, I started having delusions of grandeur, visions of glory, and bouts of anxiety…I wondered why I always do these things to myself.

Saturday, my doubts started, sprinting requires muscle recruitment so maybe cutting back on protein in my diet was not the best thing, then there was the issue of running/sprinting in the sun which I have never done before, and my last training run to Papine (two miles) took me 15 minutes.

With all this, I was still more or less confident I could prevail.

Saturday night (before the run) was terrible. I kept waking up, all these stupid things on my mind, the anxiety, then after mixing an editing one of Versi’s songs for 3 days, I couldn’t get the song out of my head. I got up at 5:45am Sunday not the most rested person.

Walking thru new kingston at 6:30 am, crowds of participants, all I was thinking was pudgie motherfuckers get out of my way. I sized up the people who I thought would be my competition, Portmore athletic club, Gym Liguanea, the young cats who looked like they had a lot of running experience.

At this start line, I waited, and waited, and waited, again the anxiety crept in, the anxiety that you have before a big performance, mostly caused from fear of failure.

Then my enemy showed up…almost to coincide with the start of the race, the intense morning sun rose just to where it seemed to be laughing at me.

And they’re off.

In front of me hundreds of participants started jogging, my usually style is to get half way the distance in as fast a time as possible then pace myself. I had to hustle. Weaving thru the immense traffic, get the hell outta my way, like a bullet. I got to West Kings house road from Burger King (probably a mile) in exactly 5:45 minutes. I set my sights on this guy way ahead of me and set out to catch him. I tried but couldn’t. I got to Kings Plaza on constant spring road and started to get winded but doing good time, still couldn’t see the guy…damn he’s fast.

Then my legs, fuck.. my legs, they’re giving out. What the hell? Was it because I was hungry, I had my last meal at 6 the night before but I thought I could finish the race before I felt hungry. T’was not the case. Was it the sun or the lack of protein? Who knows?

It seemed like everyone started overtaking me, girls. women. the guys I sped past only moments before. Damn!. Then I did the unthinkable, I started to walk, I felt like a failure, my legs simply could not maintain a running pace, I felt like a 600lb woman in a moo moo. One Catherine’s peak guy ran past then Pete. I sucked it up and gave chase. Couldn’t catch him. Legs feeling worse this time so I changed my strategy. I would run for a minute then walk to recover, By this time I was on Ruthven road still trying to maintain my dignity. I looked on my watch it was 20 minutes…failure. Even if I regained my legs which was impossible, I could probably make 24. Ugly, atrocious.

The next thing I remember is stumbling into the nurses bay . Are u Ok? Somebody said. Seems like everyone ther was crowding around me. My legs, my legs, where are my legs? Things went blurry, people untying my shoes, do you want Gatorade? NO. I just want water, catherines peak please. I got pickney peak, the irony. I sat there with people trampling my pride on and on and on, mr big runner, mr fitness, mr 19 minute man. I looked outside as one by one participants strolled by laughing, talking, finishing the “run” . I didn’t.

They sat me down on one of the cots. Feeling shaky, out of breath, and like I had nubs where my legs once were, I try taking off my knee band but I couldn’t coordinate my movements. All I could do was write this in my head. I sat for maybe 10 minutes just holding my head down, laughing to myself, thinking what a story, thinking how I’m gonna live this down with Martin and Andy (my best friends), how am I gonna give my bootcamp lectures after this level of failure? Sitting there licking my ego, one of the caregivers comes over, she says “how are you feeling?” I’m alright I say . She says “welcome back” in my head I say “Bitch”.

I look at my watch its 8:30 am, one hour from start time, I promised myself to be home by 9, I couldn’t move. Another caregiver comes over, this time a man. “How are you feeling?” I’m Ok but still can’t feel my legs. I see this look of panic across his face like he thinks I have a spinal injury. I say relax I just need a little more rest to recuperate. I want to get up but can’t my head feels like jello and I know my legs can’t carry me, how the hell am I gonna drive? I lie down. Another few minutes pass and the same lady from before comes over “Are u ok?” YES I say in a slight condescending tone. “Well, can I get the cot then?” I laugh to myself.

Like a newborn deer I stumble to my feet, wobbling out of the nurses bay. I make my way slowly from Emancipation park to my Jeep about ¼ mile away. I sit there for maybe another 30 minutes before I muster up the courage to drive.

While sitting there, I remember that all out sprints always do this to me, always mash me up, always leaves me debilitated. Not the best thing for a race like this, I shoulda paced myself.


It is something I shouldn’t regret. I pushed myself to the limit today.

That’s my motto. That’s what I always tell people to do.

I should be proud .

I drove off then realized my Jeep is leaking brake fluid. Real life begins again.


Untapped Resources

February 23, 2009

There is no truer cause of unhappiness amongst men than, where naturally expecting charity and benevolence, they receive harm and vexation.
– Francois Rabelais

We all are one

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been observing the economy’s downturn noticing the fallout. The dollar devaluation, the inflation, the unemployment, the fear, empty shelves, etc.

I found it funny to see all the hullabaloo about the Spice/Kartel collaboration, when our economy is going to hell in a hand basket.

The ease with which we protest against non issues when blatant immorality and injustice is being perpetrated by the very wealthy across the globe and we remain silent.

Prior to writing “Rampin Crap”, I spent about two weeks just looking into the world financial racket, at how the international banking brotherhood i.e. the triumvirate. The IMF, The World Bank and the WTO along with OPEC, basically has the global citizenry bent over a barrel.

I then had the huge task of trying to put this boring topic into some context as to make it marginally interesting and/or inspiring. I wanted to go into the possible reasons why the government would devalue the dollar and a possible alternative, I wanted to show how the IMF and world bank has raped us and every other third world nation over the past 20,30,40,50,60 years.

But no, I didn’t want to write a book.

Then the weekend came.

I saw two films this weekend both special in their own right. 1) Real Ghetto Youth, a local verrrrrry low budget update to “The Harder They Come”, I am not sure if I would recommend this film to everyone. To describe it in less than ten words “the violent visual version of “rampin shop” “. In the vein of “Shottas” but unedited. Not pretty whatsoever. The second film 2) was the critically acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire, set in Mumbai, India, this I can recommend to everyone, but funnily enough there was just as much violence and reality in this picture, but I suppose the craft of storytelling and film editing can make anything palatable.

The two films exposed a life of poverty in all its forms, survival at its most primitive, crime and violence, the depravity, the lack of formal education, unsanitary conditions, the lack of hope, the exploitation, the resourcefulness, the talent, the humor, the freedom, the love.

After seeing the films, it kinda put things into context for me.

Again, I repeat, we ALL are ONE. When one suffers all suffer. It is for the poor, the sick, the tormented, the depressed that we fight to bring justice and contentment..

You see, I believe that it is in the inner cities, the ghettoes and the slums of the world we all will find the solutions to all our woes. If we start to seriously address the root of all the problems there, if we collectively invest, if we make sure that we stand shoulder to shoulder in unity so that we all have the opportunity to be educated at the same level, to receive the same quality health care, to have access to proper nutrition, to proper sanitation, to a proper housing structure, If we grit our teeth and sacrifice so that we are all equal at this very rudimentary level, we would certainly enjoy a life that is 10000 times more fulfilling. 10000 times more enlightening. Kumbaya ma lord, kumbaya

How can do this if…..?

The Government….

Don’t even think it..

If we believe that this or any government in Jamaica or in any other third world country can bring about national self sufficiency, poverty eradication or genuine independence, think again.

Cuba, with Castro and the revolution more or less succeeded in doing that and still many individuals in the third world consider Castro, a terrorist and/or madman for what he stood against.

For the past 40 years, The “world” banking “establishment” has waged economic warfare against third world leaders by blocking any attempt to productively invest in their nations development.
The IMF was offered as a solution when the debt crisis hit in the 1970s, many third world nations gladly hopped on the bandwagon to grab this lifeline, but there was a catch, the “conditions”, cutting imports, slashing government budgets, raising taxes, devaluing the currency and pretty much spending the money the way they told you to, slashing subsidies on medicines, foodstuffs, fuel and other necessities, putting education and healthcare on the backburner, name any draconian measure, the IMF would insist on

Devaluation, I’m sure, was also a setup for privatization? The process by which third world governments are “encouraged” to get rid of all or most of their property, industries, natural resources and national assets, and sell them on the open market at bargain basement prices .

Not only Jamaica, but Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, and most of black Africa, including Zambia, Zaire, Egypt, and large parts of Asia and about 170 other countries all sold their souls to the IMF.

Ugh!!! Fighting mad!! Between third world debt repayment and third world asset acquisition, the major players in the world financial establishment/ big business brought back middle age feudalism. A raping and a pillaging, all around the Mulberry bush, pop goes the weasel.

Did you know that the debt of third world nations has had an extremely negative effect on the US economy? …Who cares? The Bankers are NOT the US economy.

We’re off the IMF bandwagon, but certainly nowhere close to leaving the woods.

So Ok, back to where we started, devaluation of the dollar.

Technically, devaluing the dollar can be a good thing, in theory, it encourages exports and discourages imports. Devalue the dollar in order to spur growth by making exports cheaper and, in that way, more attractive.

But, in the words of the “great” Lattibeaudiere (Governor of the Bank of Jamaica), what the hell are we exporting?

Sometimes, speculators will buy foreign exchange from the government until its reserves are depleted and it has no money even to import basic staples and other necessities, the government then has no choice but to devalue and buy back dearly the foreign exchange that it has sold to the speculators cheaply.

That kind of forethought sounds right up the alley of my Jamaican government.


Not to dis’, but the question is, how sound are the macro- and micro-economic practices and policies of the Jamaican government…today or 10 years ago?

Our government, if they choose to at this point, can only offer a little help.

1. To develop our untapped natural resources (right now mainly the poor, since bauxite, bananas and sugar are pretty much out the window)

2. To seek out innovations/ innovative thinking in our own region and try to exploit them, our people are our strength.

3. Encourage more small businesses, encourage productivity.

It is up to the rest of us to do the majority of the work, giving each other support and guidance from the top to the bottom,

Making a social change, thinking of others instead of just our selves, we are a poor country but we are so wasteful, living it up, foreign clothes, toys, food, big vehicles, A/C.

Just think if we sacrificed just a small fraction of our comfort. What kind of effect do you think it would have?

Don’t tell me….the government would squander the money right? So, its easier to blame the poor for all the ills in the society right?

When there are big economic problems, a lot of folks are to blame. Companies that have financial woes now, is just an example of chickens coming home to roost, most likely the result of wasteful consumption and mismanagement.

I read that if all drivers in U.S. abstain from driving one day a week, then the savings will be enough to pay for the annual deficit.

Think about it when you drive from Mall plaza to Premiere plaza

Have a great week. Thanks for Slumdog, Kujo.

Check out

youtube.com/user/krewdemolishun for your entertainment


Rampin Crap

February 11, 2009

“A good scapegoat is nearly as welcome as a solution to the problem”

I had a couple of issues I wanted to rant about this week, namely the whole TRN- Nazi connection or the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, but we have more important issues to discuss.

Rampin shop/ Daggerin’. The current hot button issue.

So let me jump on the bandwagon and put in my two cents.

My position is very simple,

I have three issues with the songs 1) It is light entertainment, meaning they distract you from how you are being manipulated to consume at every turn while your freedom to achieve your true potential is taken away 2) Dancehall MUSICALLY is inferior to other types of popular music forms and so we are exporting inferior product on a global market (I do not mean lyrically inferior) and 3) The music like the majority of current popular music ROCK, RAP, R&B, and COUNTRY with the exception of music with truly conscious lyrics, reflect the mindset of the majority of people in the world. i.e. preoccupied with materialism and physicality.

The ban itself is not offensive because the Government has always done what it pleases without any concern for whether it is really good for the people or not and of course private corporations (RJR, CVM, IRIE etc) will do whatever they please as long as they make a profit. (rightly so)

What I am offended most about is the implication that this or any music can corrupt the psyche of Jamaican children.

Singling out the songs, and excluding the role of films, cable programming, print material, parenting, peer pressure, and social class, as the sole cause of negative influence is not only naïve, it is stupid, discriminatory and hypocritical..

“The door that squeaks the loudest gets the most grease”

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica is an arm of the Government like any other. The Jamaican government in particular seems to respond to any loud enough protest (which is certainly good, in one way) and so when a gleaner columnist, Mutabaruka, and members of the local intelligentsia scream “off with their heads”. That is enough to act.

However, as with most popular public debates in the WORLD. It is a smokescreen…much to do about nothing.

A distraction from the real issues, read Kartel’s response here .


Ok, what’s the excitement about.? Well, here are some of the lyrics

“Hey, mi cocky longa than mi nine
Tell mi wah yuh like
Yuh wah mi try or yuh wah fi ride it like a bike
Well, yuh haffi ram it hard
Di cocky nuh fi lie
Damage it fi spite
Not becah mi pussy tight
Suppose mi put it pon di lef
Gyal yuh tek it pan di right
Mi nipple dem a ripe
Sen it up inna mi tripe
Wah titi appetite
Every nipple get a bite
Mi man haffi go see it
Mi and him haffi go fight”

It’s actually some of the funniest shit, I’ve ever heard.

I doubt Spice or Kartel intended for this to be a big radio hit. So the ban is a non-issue, either for them or their fans.

The truth is the lyrics are just indicative of where we are in entertainment today, we didn’t just arrive at this point. It was an evolution of one upmanship, sensationalism pushed by a clamoring public, a demand cemented by record companies because of profit..

Here is a short history of censorship in media

In 1956

ABC radio bans the Billie Holiday song “Love For Sale” from all of its network affiliates because of its prostitution theme. ABC also was responsible for a lyric change in Cole Porter’s “I Get A Kick Out of You” – from “I get no kick from cocaine” to ” I get perfume from Spain.” The NBC and CBS radio networks joined ABC in banning a novelty hit by Dot and Diamond called “Transfusion” because, according to an NBC executive, “there’s nothing funny about a blood transfusion.”

In January, 1957

Producers of The Ed Sullivan Show inform the camera crew that they are only to show Elvis Presley from the waist up during his third and final appearance on the show. Elvis’s dancing is considered lewd.

In June, 1965

Many radio stations ban the Rolling Stones single, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” after receiving complaints that the song was “sexually suggestive.”

In 1968

Jamaican radio bans The Heptones single “I need a fat girl (Fatty, Fatty). I could go on and on.

On and on, all over the world, for as long as we can remember they have been censoring records out of concern for our collective morality. Can we point to any successes?

In 1985

The PMRC, a committee of Washington housewives headed by Al Gore’s wife Tipper came out against Prince, Frank Zappa, Twisted Sister and a slew of other musicians whose lyrics they claim were responsible for the decay of the nuclear family in America.

You Go, Tipper!

In the 80s, when I was….. a little boy…I was heavily into the music of Prince, who with songs like Head (about oral sex), Sister (about incest), and Darling Nikki (about masturbation) really pushed the envelope about musical expression, today he’s an Icon.

I wonder if I can attribute my sexaholicism to him or was it due to my lack of self esteem growing up by craving the attention and company of women, who knows?

The 90s, was the vanguard of slack lyrics in dancehall.. No protest then.

“Stone deh pon mi buddyhead and if a gal want it she haffi come inna mi bed
…mi have the sexing ticket and if mi sex har an she dead nuttin nuh come outta it”

There was Lady Saw with Spragga in “Backshot”

”The main reason why mi love it from behind
Yu can reach under mi belly rub mi clit same time
It gi mi ah extra vibes fi gi yu ah better wine
Right ya now Mr. Spragga come shot mi wid yu nine”

Innumerable, and It is debatable if it was worse back then or not.

In this decade so far we have had gems such as

Tek Buddy Gal by Kartel
No gal cyan sidung pon mi head by Beenie Man
Bring yuh pussy come by Elephant Man

In May last year, I wrote an article entitled “Dancehall not so nice again”
In it I explained how the culture of violence extended into the dancehall and how it was making me weary and no longer interested in partying in that atmosphere.

Its funny how, no one saw it fit at the time to make any noise about the prevalence of violent content in dancehall songs, the many “lick out marrow/ making duppy songs”

When you try to violently stamp out our natural urges, impulses and expression, what you will get is a backlash, which is why puritanical societies are rife with hypocrisy and double standards, more depravity, more violence, simply because we are trying to deny our nature.

We have incredibly complex problems in our society, The leadership is UNWILLING to address the problems at their root because they are rewarded by the current status quo. The Haves vs The Have Nots is the main issue that makes us divided, then, the trappings of a comfortable life, everyone wants to get ahead at any cost, everywhere.

Uptown, downtown, all the way around town.

Until we decide to fight for ourselves, and for our children’s future by understanding what LOVE really is and what sacrifice really is. then I suppose, Vybz Kartel and Spice along with the daggering songs will do as a scapegoat


The need for Black Sheep

February 2, 2009

The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any human power, whether civil or ecclesiastical, is the doctrine of despotism, and ought to have no place among Republicans and Christians.

Angelina Grimke

In Christian doctrine Jesus Christ is often referred to as “The Shepherd”, The one who guides the people (The “sheep”) down the right path i.e. The path of righteousness. The “sheep” are unable to walk the path by themselves because they are flawed so they must conform to the guidance of the “shepherd” in order to make it to the promised land. Those who resist are damned to purgatory.

Wow! If that ain’t incentive to follow the herd, I don’t know what is.

The typical characteristics of sheep are: helplessness, defenselessness, non-resistance, submission, complete dependence on the care of the Shepherd, and the need of leadership and guidance.

Social institutions such as religion and education have ensured that individuals think twice about challenging authority, about challenging what they are told.

We were taught to be good little boys and girls, don’t talk back to your elders, don’t make a scene, don’t embarrass your family, Why can’t you be polite like little Timmy?

I was even told once in College that the textbook dictates truth in any particular semester.

Last Tuesday, I bought a windup metronome to help me with my guitar playing at Music Mart, perhaps the oldest and the most popular music store in Jamaica, it cost me about $2500 (not cheap). On Thursday, it stopped working. I sighed because as is usual you never know what kinda fight you’re gonna have.

On Friday, I dug up the receipt (NEVER throw away the receipt for anything electronic or mechanical unless you think you got your money’s worth) with the metronome and headed down to the store. Skippiddy doo dah here I go.

I saw the clerk who sold me the item and I told her what had happened. She IMMEDIATELY said you won’t get a refund but you can get store credit.

Kneejerk reaction…Uhh OK. (In Mr Stupid/ niceguy voice).

I stood there in the store staring at all the gadgets I didn’t have any use for. She showed me a battery operated metronome for $500 more. No, I didn’t want the hassle of having to buy batteries all the time. She took out a huge mechanical metronome for about $5000. Hell no. I told her I didn’t have an orchestra to direct any time soon.

I stood there for a couple more minutes.

Hmm, what do I want? Hmm…

I know…I want my friggin money back.

I said to her weh yu manager or supervisor?. Whoever.

I saw this look in her eye that said “Oh no, one of the crazy ones”.

Without waiting for her to answer, I marched over to where the chiney (Chinese) woman and the reddaz man (i.e.syrian) stan up.

I figured that they were probably the folks I should direct my anger to.

Very loudly, I started . My position was that they had sold me faulty goods and now I was expected to buy something I didn’t really want. The guy looked at it, said that he knew I broke it but that she was to give me back my money anyway. I called him an idiot, but in the end, I got what I wanted.

More and more we are being trained to take what we get. Go along quietly. Everything will be alright.

On the world stage more and more people are being told to shut up and stop being vigilant about what they believe in. People have always been reprimanded, chastised, locked up and even killed for what they believe to be right, but today you will be branded a terrorist if you speak out.

Every national hero of Jamaica would have been a terrorist, the founding fathers of America would have been terrorists.

The founding fathers of every nation fought so that Government would be a voice of the people.

Ask yourself would they have been right?

It is time for the black sheep to be seen.

If you get a chance, go see The Changeling with Angelina Jolie.


To Bama Nation (to bomb a nation)

January 22, 2009

“Conformities are called for much more eagerly today than yesterday… skeptics, liberals, individuals with a taste for private life and their own inner standards of behavior, are objects of fear and derision and targets of persecution for either side… in the great ideological wars of our time.”

Isaiah Berlin

I’ve had this in my craw for two weeks now, waiting for the inauguration, waiting for at least some of the frenzy to die down. Frankly, I was kinda scared to write this simply because I knew how emotional people were about the subject.

Barack Obama

Good Looking, Charismatic, Incredibly Intelligent, Genius Communicator. The man that makes thugs cry and women weak in the knees.

The perfect rock star with perfect marketability, add a cool slogan. Can’t lose. The media’s wet dream.

Barack Obama

Nothing less than a 21st Century phenomenon.

I first took notice of  Obama during the campaign for the U.S. Presidency. I have a group of ladies that train with me in the afternoons and everytime I saw them they were swooning about Barack. Obama, Obama, Obama…

The first time I saw him speak it was during the debates (quite late for most folk), my personal opinion was that he made McCain look like an idiot. Like white trash in fact.

He impressed me with his effortless way with words. I couldn’t even tell you what he said, it just sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

Of course, the elections were earth shattering, it was incredibly emotional. Finally, our 40 acres and a mule. The first BLACK President. Amazing! The times they are a changing. Most definitely! Tears of joy flowed across the globe. What was even more impressive was the two speeches that followed, first McCain then the genius orator, The president-elect Obama. His speech was awe-inspiring. I myself was completely stirred by the man. Who wouldn’t be?

After his “landslide” victory,  I watched with annoyance at all the expectations that the world had on this poor man, as if he was now the first WORLD President, the leader of the free world and not only that, but that he would have all the answers to the worlds ailments.

I saw his bio on CNN in December, while again entertained and inspired by his singleness of purpose, his brilliance, and his rise to prominence in such a short time I remember thinking it seemed a little… “rushed”.

FAST FORWARD: January 3rd, 2009.

I’m flipping through the channels, maybe about 7 o’clock in the morning having just rolled outta bed, there’s nothing much on (I don’t have cable, thank you), anyway I switch to CVM, and I see this televangelist, normally I would’ve switched, but he said two words that made me pause 1) Obama and 2) Bilderberg, Ok, dude..now you’ve got my attention, what the hell are you yapping about? Well, the pastor’s name was Leighton D. Smith and he was talking about the fact that the majority of Obama’s cabinet are Bilderbergers.

No, you lie, not true. I refuse to believe.

Well, Of course I did my own research and it seems to be very true.

Ok, you ask. What the hell is a Bilderberger?

Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri Lateral Commision, House of Rothschild


Mention any of these groups/ organizations and most conspiracy theorists have little deaths. They are actually the subjects of the many rantings of Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke to name a few.

Basically these groups comprise the global financial and political elite and their goal is to transfer nearly all economic and political power into the hands of their small little group.

The possibility of this lies in the successful construction of what they call the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Sounds a little far fetched, right?. A little extremist, right?. A little crazy and paranoid, right? WRONG!!!!!

Everything is going according to plan.

For those of you who are paying attention, you will see certain social patterns unfolding over the past twenty years, you will see how more and more power is being transferred into less and less hands. I know you are too busy to look into such foolishness but I beg you to.

The Pharmaceutical Industry, Media/Entertainment, Agriculture, Education and Defense all are becoming monopolized.

Everything is being orchestrated to this end, If you have been watching the 9/11 saga unfold you will see a new foreign policy unfolding, the patriot act, surveillance, microchips, etc.

A One World Gov’t where the citizens give up their rights to be led by an all powerful, all knowing “body” that gives them the illusion of comfort, convenience and security. .

If you listen to Obama’s speech in Berlin. He talks about exactly that, but because of his sincerity you will believe it’s a good thing, you will believe the Black White Knight in shining armour knows what’s best and he would never mislead us, cuz he’s one of us, right?. The little negro boy who came from nothing, worked hard in school and becomes the most powerful man on Earth.

Think again.

Apparently, they have found that Obama and Bush to be 11th cousins, that’s right, another blue blood running America (only 2 presidents have NOT been, Lincoln and Kennedy—-any similarities between the two?)

Obama will have you believe that the one world scenario is the only thing that will get us out of this financial crisis.

Do you hear the symphony?

There is NO financial crisis, just like there was NO oil crisis, and NO food crisis. And NO “choosing” a  “better” President/ Prime Minister. Just orchestrations to get you afraid, divided and distracted to be manipulated into giving up your freedom to think, question and oppose. Orchestrations, that after the smoke clears the same people that planned them, end up with obscene amounts of additional wealth.

In the documentary on his life, he moved out of community outreach into politics, after losing the democratic primary run for the U.S. House of Representatives to four-term incumbent Bobby Rush he was instructed by a mentor of his to learn the “politics game”.

He did so masterfully, it is how he garnered so much support in such a short time.

Remember, even if all the above isn’t totally true. Obama is a MASTER politician, he will know how to give and take, to walk the line, to play the game, to maintain the illusion. Politicians pander to the powers that be, whether to the public (ha!) or the higher ups. Unfortunately, in most cases, as in this one, the American people do not elect the president, the Electoral College does. The popular vote rarely matters.

So, Obama will do as he is told or he will be gone.

For every small crumb he gives to the little man, the big man will get the hog.

Don’t kill the messenger!

I pray I am wrong, I hope everyone is better in 4 years. I hope we can still feel like we own our life.